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Thank you so much for planning a perfect trip for us. It was truly amazing and will be a memory we'll never forget. Our hotels were terrific, the food totally delicious and the adventures delightful!

We'll have to get together for coffee or lunch so I can share with you are stories!

Thanks again!

God bless you!


Peggy – Thanks for another great year of AHN Trip memories. I know how hard it is to plan a multi-day trip for so many attendees…many of your efforts not visible to most of the attendees…but every detail and effort is appreciated. Thanks again!


We can't thank you enough for your great service to us. You are always great to deal with and you have great ideas for us too!
Thanks again!


I know I told Peggy numerous times on this trip how wonderful it was but it's worth repeating. All the kids want to go back....what a fabulous bonding experience!! They had a fantastic time and can't stop talking about it. I think the parents had just as much fun....I know I did. I heard nothing but positive feedback and people actually saying it was more fun then they expected...lol. I know it was a lot of work on your part but please know your efforts are much appreciated by all! Let me know once the group pictures come in and I'll get them from you. Thanks again, Peggy....you're the BEST!!!


Peggy, it was another very successful trip. Great to spend the time with you over the last four days. Bus 1 was lucky! I had Eric (bus driver) for the second time and Tammy (tour guide) for the second time. Both outstanding!

The trip was great! Thanks again and well done!

Doug Dieck